Shaun Smith: I’m A Marked Man

It took two different accusations and video proof, but Chiefs DE Shaun Smith was finally hit with a fine to the tune of $10k by the NFL this week.

After practice Smith told reporters it was the first time he has ever been fined and hasn’t paid it yet thanks to the appeals process that he is just now learning about.

“I know you’re supposed to appeal it with your agent and talk to the people and review it again.  Most likely it either gets reduced or you gotta get stuck with the 10 grand.”

Unlike Randy Moss — who famously said that he pays “straight cash homey” because that much money “ain’t s****” — Smith knows it’s not a drop in the bucket.

“That’s a lot of money.  That’s some people’s salaries,” Smith said.

“Fortunately I’m blessed to play this game and keep going with it.”

Even though he said the fine won’t change how he approaches the game, Smith says he has a target on his back.

“I feel like I’m a marked man every time I step on the field.”

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