Deep Freeze Taking His Talents To Nashville

One of the most popular Kansas City Chiefs players from last season’s AFC West division winning team won’t be around to help defend that title.  DL Shaun Smith announced on Twitter that he is leaving the Chiefs for the Tennessee Titans.

Shout out to chief nation red n yellow n all of fans in kc I dearly miss u go guys but I had to make serious decision an am going to titans

I will miss arrowhead my teammates n all the bond I had with yall n kc yall are some true fans thanks for everything I yall are in my heart

Smith along with the loss of starting NT Ron Edwards will leave a huge hole on the Chiefs defensive line.

It also leaves Kansas City with even more money they need to spend before they get to the Salary Cap floor.  The important question to ask is this: who are they going to spend it on?

At this point it would seem that San Francisco 49ers free agent tackle Aubrayo Franklin is a must have for the Chiefs defense.  When you lose two players that contributed as much as Edwards and Smith, you cannot expect to plug in a few rookies without seeing a huge drop off.

Bummed to see the Chiefs not only let a solid player walk away, but another great locker room guy.

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