Shrine Game Likely To Feature At Least One Chief

The Kansas City Chiefs front office is on the way to scout the East-West Shrine game in Florida as they prepare for the NFL Draft.  As Josh Looney astutely points out, history tells us that there will be at least one future Chief on the field Saturday.  Kansas City had drafted a player from the All-Star game for seven straight years before breaking that streak last season.

RB Javarris Williams, 2009 (7th round, 212th overall)
WR Kevin Robinson, 2008 (6th round, 182nd overall)
K Justin Medlock, 2007 (5th round, 160th overall)
T Herb Taylor, 2007 (6th round, 196th overall)
TE Michael Allan, 2007 (7th round, 231st overall)
WR Jeff Webb, 2006 (6th round, 190th overall)
LB/FB Boomer Grigsby, 2005 (5th round, 138th overall)
T Will Svitek, 2005 (6th round, 187th overall)
WR Samie Parker, 2004 (4th round, 105th overall)
DE Jared Allen, 2004 (4th round, 126th overall)
T Jordan Black, 2003 (5th round, 153rd overall)
S Willie Pile, 2003 (7th round, 252nd overall)

When you watch the game this weekend (Saturday on NFL Network), be on the look out for the next Love Bug or folk legend like Grigsby though obviously the plan is more to find the next Jared Allen.

I do have to wonder if Scott Pioli and Todd Haley were scared off after the only player they drafted from the game was totaled all of 6 yards rushing in his short time with the Chiefs.

There are, however, nine players from the SEC playing in the game so you know the Chiefs will be paying extra attention to those players if last year’s draft is any indication.  Of the bunch, I’m partial to Joe Barksdale from LSU.  He’s played both left and right tackle against some of the best defensive line talent in the country and has the raw ability to step in at this level and push a guy like Barry Richardson for playing time.

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