SI Impressed With Chiefs Draft Class

After visiting St. Joseph this weekend to see the Kansas City Chiefs training camp scrimmage, SI’s Don Banks is on board with the 2010 draft class as a “foundation-type” group.

It’s August, but I think Berry, McCluster, Arenas and Moeaki are going to show up, get on the field, and produce right away in 2010, and I like both Asamoah and Lewis to eventually work their way into mix.  The Chiefs don’t want to weigh their rookies down with too much of the burden of expectation, but there’s a real sense of anticipation for what this draft class could represent in Kansas City’s rebuilding program.

“I’ve said that exact thing a couple times,” Chiefs second-year head coach Todd Haley admitted Saturday, when I broached the idea of this year’s group as a turning point draft class.  “You’ve got to temper that with the fact that none of these guys have done anything yet.  But if all the indicators to this point that we can have about this group continue in that direction, then it’ll be a pretty good group.”

If a turnaround story does unfold in Kansas City in the next two years, remember my prediction about the Chiefs’ Class of 2010.  If it doesn’t, forget I ever said anything.

Not a bad first impression for the 2010 Chiefs, eh?

As with all of the other positive things we’ve heard during training camp, a few nice words from Sports Illustrated won’t win football games, but it’s a welcome change from last year when the only thing anyone wanted to talk about was weight loss.

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