SI Mock: Okung To Chiefs; New Tebow Theory

Last week ESPN’s Mel Kiper released his first mock draft of the year and had the Chiefs selecting OT Russell Okung from Oklahoma St.  Today,’s Don Banks gives the first round a shot and has a familiar pick for Kansas City.  He does, however, include a new landing spot for a player the Chiefs have met with: Tim Tebow.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – OT – Russell Okung – Oklahoma State

If [Eric] Berry should get this far, the Chiefs would be the benefactors, but Okung seems like the right fit in the right spot for Kansas City.  The Chiefs have tons of needs, but in Okung they would be getting a franchise left tackle, allowing them to shift Brandon Albert back to his more natural right tackle position.

26. Arizona Cardinals – QB – Tim Tebow – Florida

This one is pure projection on my behalf, but hear me out: Tebow’s rough week at the Senior Bowl notwithstanding, it’s only going to take one team to fall in love with him to make him a low first-rounder.  Why the Cardinals?  If Kurt Warner retires Friday as expected, does anyone think Arizona has 100 percent confidence in Matt Leinart at this point?  And we already know Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t mind playing two QBs in the same game, because he did it with Warner and Leinart in 2007.  As rough as things were for the Cardinals defense in the playoffs, that side of the ball probably should get first-round attention. But for now, we’re sliding our Tebow chips to Arizona’s square.

First of all, why do so many people keep saying Branden Albert’s natural position is right tackle?  If anything, his natural position is guard, where I think he would be incredible.  I’m not saying the Chiefs need to move him off of left tackle, but if they do he could be special inside.

I also love how Tebow to Arizona is “pure projection”.  Isn’t a mock draft by definition a projection?

With that being said, it’s not the craziest idea that he ends up in the desert.  Remember, Tebow is — for better or worse — the anti-Leinart.  Leinart was the polished passer from the pro-style offense that would take the NFL by storm and Tebow is the prolific system quarterback that will not be able to transition to the NFL.  And then there is the off-the-field stuff, but that’s a whole other story in itself.

While I’ve had my eye on a team at the top of the second round getting jittery and trading into the back of the first round for Tebow, the idea that a better team could take him is an interesting line of thought.  The Tebow emails I have received that aren’t telling me he has no chance in the NFL have brought up New England, Minnesota and even Philadelphia as dark horse landing spots.

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