SI’s Don Banks: It’s Russell Okung

No one knows what will happen tonight, but most agree that the Redskins could provide the first wrinkle at No. 4.  SI’s Don Banks, in his final mock draft, believes that will do just that by selecting Oklahoma OT Trent Williams, leaving the Chiefs their choice of Russell Okung or Eric Berry.

5. Kansas City Chiefs – OT Ruseell Okung – Oklahoma State

Nobody seems to have a great handle on which way Scott Pioli and the Chiefs will go, and that’s exactly the way the Kansas City general manager likes it.  Eric Berry makes sense, except that top-five money for a safety doesn’t strike me as the Pioli way.  We’re going Okung over Iowa offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga, maybe because we like the idea of the Big 12 sweeping the top five picks.

What he should have said was: “We’re taking Okung over Bulaga because at least Okung will definitely be a left tackle at the next level”.

Even though I don’t think the Chiefs need an offensive lineman as much as a lot of the national media folks do, if Pioli decides to go that way, you can’t go wrong with the best tackle in the draft.

Banks has Bulaga coming off the board immediately after the Chiefs to the Seahawks.  Something tells me if Berry is still on the board, Seattle will grab the draft’s best defender the same way they did last year when the Chiefs passed on Aaron Curry.

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