Special Teams Star Greenwood Hopes To Hold On

With negotiations for the new collective bargaining agreement showing no signs of ending soon, the Chiefs free agents will have to wait quite awhile before knowing where they will play next year.  That includes the fringe roster players like rookie Cory Greenwood, who as an undrafted free agent played in every game the Chiefs played this year. The native of Canada told the Toronto Sun he would love to be back in Kansas City.

“That’s my first choice for sure, but who knows what is going to happen?” he wonders.  “My contract is up.  I did my best.  Now it’s up to them.

“It’s been a wild year.  At the beginning, I didn’t know how long I would be here.  I mean, here I was, an undrafted Canadian getting a tryout in the NFL.

“After a couple of games, my confidence started to build. I just worked as hard as I could on special teams.”

Whether the Chiefs re-sign him or not, Greenwood knows one thing: The NFL is where he wants to be.

“I think the Argos are a fine organization and the CFL is a great league,” Greenwood said.  “But once you’ve had a taste of the best, which the NFL is, well, you want to stay.”

If there was ever going to be a 45th player that can feel good about his chances sticking with a team, it’s Greenwood.  He seems to completely fit in the “right 53” mold that Todd Haley and Scott Pioli are looking for.

Though as the Chiefs continue to improve their roster, Greenwood is going to have to show that he is able to contribute more than just on special teams.  Even a Haley favorite like Terrance Copper played on offense in addition to his efforts on coverage unites.

In addition to dressing for every game, Greenwood can take solace in making it much longer than the Chiefs most infamous Canadian import, Casey Printers.

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