St. Joe Hopes Red And Gold Make Green

The Kansas City Chiefs have their first training camp practice on Friday and fans across the country will be watching to see how the team comes together.  There is a whole new group of Chiefs “fans” in St. Joseph but for a completely different reason, the almighty dollar.

Businesses in the Kansas Chiefs’ new training camp home of St. Joseph are hoping the teams arrival will mean an influx of dollars into the town.

“If you multiply day trips by the region we can, you can do St. Louis, Joplin, Omaha, Lincoln,” St. Joseph spokeswoman Mary Robertson said.  “I think we can get so much more of an impact on the day trips.”

At the Frederick Inn restaurant and steakhouse, Dara Alsbury is pulling for the Chiefs while hoping to pull in some business.

“Normally, sometimes right before school starts, things can be a little bit slow because people are trying to get ready for school and people go on vacations, last minute vacations,” Alsbury said.  “But I think this will also give people a reason to come to town, stay in town and not go anywhere.”

St. Joseph officials said they don’t want to put a dollar amount on what they expect to pull in from the camp being here, but they said any money is good money.

I’m not going to try and put a dollar amount on what the Chiefs will be bringing to town either, but I can guarantee you it will include a lot of zeros.  Go and ask the people of River Falls the hit they are going to take this Summer and that’s all you will need to know about how much new cash is going to be infused into the St. Joseph community.

There was plenty of back and forth with the Chiefs, Missouri Western and local politicians, but it will become apparent very quickly this weekend why this is such a huge deal for Missouri.

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