Stage Set For 9-0 Bowl?

Both the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos are unbeaten through four weeks of the 2013 NFL season. The two teams don’t play each other until Week 11 in Denver.

Could both teams still be undefeated when that matchup comes around? SI’s Peter King sure thinks so.

On first look, it seemed the Chiefs could have trouble with an improved Tennessee Titans team on the road next weekend and then a Houston Texans team with Super Bowl aspirations in Week 7. Now the Titans have lost their starting quarterback and the Texans look anything but world beaters.

In addition to those games, the Chiefs host the Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns before heading to play the Buffalo Bills before their bye in Week 10. Yes, Andy Reid and defensive coordinator Bob Sutton will have two weeks to prepare for the showdown with Peyton Manning.

Right now it doesn’t look like any team can run with the Broncos, but they do have a tougher slate than the Chiefs. Other than a “hope-they-don’t-score-100” game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver has the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins and the San Diego Chargers.

Only the Colts have a winning record, but all of those teams not playing in Jacksonville should at least put up a fight.

As King notes, the Broncos have the New England Patriots (another team that could be perfect) after the Chiefs. That means there’s at least the potential of Denver looking past Kansas City as the “Game of the Century” looms.

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  1. I believe the Chiefs are facing the toughest challenge this Sunday with the Titans and playing what ifs is a mute point if they can’t beat this team Sunday.

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