Stanford Routt: It’s Time To Turn The Page

The newest member of the Kansas City Chiefs wasn’t interested in trashing his former employers, the Oakland Raiders. Instead, CB Stanford Routt told Josina Anderson he was happy where he’s been and even happier with where he’s going.

“My first stop in the NFL was great. I don’t like to look backwards. I think that’s an old chapter. It’s time to turn the page.”

Routt noted staying in the AFC West is a plus, as is being able to play for Romeo Crennel.

“I’ve always had a lot of respect for Romeo Crennel with his defensive expertise, so the sky is the limit for us.”

Scott Pioli talked Tuesday about the team wanting him and Routt wanting to be a Chief. That seemed to be more than just lip service, considering the cornerback was drawing interest around the league but did not make any additional visits.

With good defensive backs at a premium in this league, Routt was going to get this contract at his choice of teams. This seems to be a true example of a player finding the best fit and not just searching for the very last penny, no matter the team.


  1. I really thought the Bengals had a shot at landing Routt, they need corners. Routt and Berry is going to be a scary secondary.

  2. Carr has been the man – and a model citizen, apparently, as well. He will likely be very very big – making some team very very happy – and it looks like KC once again is engineering a way to keep itself from having actual talent – at the relevant time – pay Carr as much as Flowers and then get back to one thing – getting an exciting QB

  3. So, Scott basically told us that the 62 mil cap figure does not accurately reflect various “triggers” and “escalators” that remain unnamed and have not yet been sufficiently quantified. Additionally, as others have pointed out, no other teams have “reconciled” their books to reflect the “escalators” within their contracts either. Thus, relatively speaking, KC still likely has the most cap space in the league. The “escalators” are just a diversion – fun with numbers and nomenclature. At root, everyone knows that KC has more than enough to sign Carr (at Flowers’ rates) and then return to the most important component – an exciting QB, spending the entire cap if necessary to get an “elite” QB. The very best playmakers should be touching the ball the most – rule 1. Yet, there remains all this discussion about linemen. Who are these offensive linemen going to protect? The KC fans and players need someone exciting – a dynamic leader on the field – the rest can follow. We need an exciting QB.

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