Raiders Want To Make Stanford Routt Work

When the Kansas City Chiefs decided they didn’t want to re-sign CB Brandon Carr this offseason, they were able to find a much cheaper alternative to start opposite Brandon Flowers in Stanford Routt.

Routt had spent his entire seven-year career with the Raiders before being a surprise cut in Oakland. The cornerback was just a year removed from receiving a new contract, one that guaranteed him millions even after he was cut loose.

Sunday the Chiefs CB will face off against the only other team he ever knew and they don’t exactly seem worried about throwing the ball his way. His friend and former defensive teammate Mike Mitchell is hoping Raiders QB Carson Palmer looks in Routt’s direction early and often.

“I wish we would run at him every play and throw at him every play, just so he has to work. Let’s make him work,” Mitchell said. “Let’s make it hard on him, let’s not make it easy on him. I feel that’s how he would want it and it’s definitely how we want it.”

Mitchell is just having some fun at his friend’s expense, but there are plenty of reasons for Palmer and the Oakland offense to feel good about testing Routt.

According to STATS Inc. (per the Contra Costa Times), teams are completing 58.1 percent of passes thrown at Routt. That’s up from 47.4 percent in his final season with the Raiders.

No matter what happens on the field Sunday, don’t expect there to be any bad blood between the Chiefs corner and his former team.

“He told me, I’m not mad, I’m getting paid by half of the AFC West,” is what Routt told Mitchell after he traded in his Raiders jersey for the red and gold.

As for the more expensive option the Chiefs had at cornerback this offseason?

Brandon Carr isn’t exactly shutting things down in Dallas. The Cowboys secondary has yet to intercept a pass on their way to a 3-3 record, forcing Carr into media silence until he makes “some plays“.

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  1. so good to get rid of that garbage routt…you will suffer with him just as we did…listen as much as i hate every thing the shambles of dirt your team is, i really do hope you improve…like us you are in a hole and i know how that feels….this game deserves better from BOTH teams..

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