Starting Tackle Ryan O’Callaghan Leaves Practice

The Kansas City Chiefs have been getting their roster healthy over the past couple of days, but were dealt a setback on Tuesday morning.

Starting RT Ryan O’Callaghan sustained what appeared to be a lower right leg injury and did not return to the workout.  He was replaced on the first team by OT Barry Richardson.

With no requirement to talk injuries, we aren’t going to be getting any sort of information from Todd Haley.  The best case scenario is obviously this just being a stinger and O’Callaghan can get back on the field in time to play in Friday night’s game against the Eagles.

If this is a long term situation, the light will shine very brightly on the inexperienced Richardson and Colin Brown.  Neither has had to play for an extended period of time, so it would be overly optimistic to expect too much from them.

We’re dealing in hypotheticals here and even though O’Callaghan doesn’t have a long track record, it’s not going out on a limb to say there is a drop off on the depth chart after him.

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