Stay Classy Oakland: Seymour And PR Director Berate Journalist

The more things change in Oakland, the more the stay the same.

In order to add veteran leadership, the Raiders traded a first round pick to the New England Patriots for Richard Seymour.

Yesterday after the Raiders fell to the Broncos, Santa Rosa Press-Democrat columnist Lowell Cohn asked Seymour about his penalty for pulling the hair of tackle Ryan Clady.  A penalty that was followed two plays later by a Denver touchdown.  Seymour did not appreciate Cohn trying to ask him a question about the incident.

Cohn: Was it a mistake?

Seymour: It was no mistake.

Cohn: You were pissed?

Seymour: It wasn’t no mistake, brother.  Next question.

Cohn: Is there something wrong with the question?  Why did you do it?

Seymour: You asked if it was a mistake and I told you no.  Get out of here.

Cohn: Why do I get out of here?  You don’t like to talk about that.

Seymour: Get out of here.

Cohn: I’m not getting out of here.

At this point Raiders public relations guy Mike Taylor, who had heard none of the dialogue came over and said, “Lowell, would you remove yourself?  If you stay here he’s not talking.”

Taylor later told me, “You did something wrong.  I don’t know what you did; you did something wrong.  It wasn’t cool.  And that’s where it is.”

Later Taylor accosted me in the press box and berated me for about 10 minutes while I was attempting to write.  He kept saying I had incited his player.  He called me an unflattering name.  I offered to tell him my side of the story but he didn’t listen, kept talking about my incitement.  At a certain point I felt he was harassing me so I put in my ear pieces and began listening to my taped interviews while he kept telling other journalists, who were trying to work, that I had incited Seymour.

The Oakland Raiders acting unprofessionally?  Shocking.

Although I guess Cohn should be happy that Seymour didn’t break his jaw…  It seems all the rage in Oakland.

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