Steelers & Cowboys Tickets To Cost Extra

If you are like me and live far from Arrowhead Stadium and are planning on buying tickets to the Dallas Cowboys or Pittsburgh Steelers games, get ready to pay extra…  Or to do your shopping on StubHub.

When single-game tickets go on sale to the public on July 31, anyone wanting to buy tickets to the Oct. 11 game against Dallas HAS to buy comparable tickets to the preseason game against the Houston Texans on Aug. 15.

Likewise, anyone wanting to buy tickets to see the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers on Nov. 22, MUST buy like seats to the exhibition game against Seattle on Aug. 29.

This procedure is designed to accomplish several things.  Obviously, the Cowboys and Steelers will be big draws, and by forcing fans to buy the designated preseason games, the Chiefs can be assured of better crowds — or at least better paid attendance — than they’d normally get for those two exhibition games.

Tacking those exhibitions onto the Steelers and Cowboys games can help the Chiefs reach sellouts and avoid TV blackouts for the preseason games.  Also, the Cowboys and Steelers have huge national followings.  The Steelers haven’t played in KC since 2003; the Cowboys haven’t been at Arrowhead since 1998.

And remember how Arrowhead Stadium turned into Green Bay South when the Packers played in Kansas City a couple of years ago?  The Chiefs don’t want that happening again.  If it does, at least they’ll get double the money from Dallas and Pittsburgh fans.

Ugh.  Why sell one when you can sell two for double the price!  I know it’s all part of doing business with professional teams now a days, but that doesn’t make it any easier to take.  And if the team thinks this will somehow stop Steeler and Cowboy fans from getting into Arrowhead, they are nuts.  But if they just want to guarantee themselves the extra cash (more likely) then they’ll certainly accomplish that without any problem.  I had been thinking about making the trip out to Kansas City for the Dallas game, but now I have to see what the prices will look like in the secondary market since I have zero use for a preseason ticket that I won’t be able to re-sell.

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