Suh Feels He Could Go First Overall

At the end of the regular season it was assumed the St. Louis Rams would select Nebraska star Ndamukong Suh, but since then it has been all Sam Bradford all the time.  Could Suh re-enter the picture for the top slot?  He told Dan Patrick there’s still a chance.

“I definitely think there is,” Suh said.  He said that it could be St. Louis or “another team trading up to that position.”

“I haven’t heard from the Rams since last Wednesday,” Suh said.  “I’m yet to hear from the Lions.  I think there’s a chance I can be picked first, but it remains to be seen.”

Suh said that one of the advantages he has over Gerald McCoy is his ability to play multiple positions on the defensive line.  “I’m a guy who’s very versatile,” Suh said.  “Whatever you need me to do I’ll do.”

Dan asked who Suh wants to sack in the NFL.  “I definitely want to hit Brett Favre,” Suh said.  But he said he’d help Favre up to be nice.

So you’re telling me there’s a chance…

At this point, Suh going first overall would go down as one of the great draft shocks.  Not because he isn’t talented — I think he’s the no doubt best player available — but the Rams have seemingly fallen in love with Bradford’s right arm.

Even if St. Louis manages to move out of the top spot, the prevailing thought is that it would be for Bradford.  Anyone that wants to move up and grab Suh should be talking to the Lions.

Speaking of the Lions, does anyone else find it curious that Detroit has yet to contact Suh?  Lions brass recently all but told season ticket holders that the Nebraska defensive lineman would be their selection, but it has to make you scratch your head why they haven’t talked more with Suh.  It’s not as if there are five or six teams in front of you that you need to float a smokescreen for.

If — there’s that word again — the Rams decide to go with Suh, it would completely shatter the draft.  The Lions obviously have no use for Bradford and would be scrambling to find a trade partner, except that the Bucs behind them wouldn’t take him either which would drive the price down significantly.  The first team on the board with any interest in Bradford after St. Louis would be the Redskins and even that is questionable considering what they just invested in Donovan McNabb.

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