Chiefs-Steelers To Stay In Primetime

Despite the Kansas City Chiefs losing two games in a row and looking like a team that won’t be competitive over their upcoming five difficult games, NBC clearly thinks otherwise.  The league announced that the Chiefs game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in two weeks will stay on Sunday night and not be flexed out.

An interesting choice, to say the least, by the peacock considering the likelihood that the Chiefs enter on a three-game losing streak with God knows who under center.  Depending how badly things go in front of another national TV audience — next Monday against the New England Patriots — Kansas City might even have someone else coaching the team.

NBC clearly has more faith in the Steelers brand than worry about the struggling Chiefs.  With Pittsburgh fans packing every stadium their team visits (including Arrowhead for that game, no doubt) it’s not the worst reasoning.  There are few teams that work as well nationally as the Steelers, which was the reason the game was chosen for primetime in the first place, and NBC clearly didn’t want to lose them.

This will be the Steelers third time on Sunday Night Football this season, so NBC and the NFL clearly are both happy with the type of ratings they deliver.


  1. is it Cassel, the OL, the coach or the DL? In order:
    1. QB – need more leadership
    2. OL – David Mims the answer?
    3. Who else besides Hali?

  2. Sorry to see Cassel hurt – time for the other “pros” to shine. Having a guy like Palko learn and train for this time is the same thing done to David Mims. They both have the same number of games played in the NFL – O. David Mims has the greatest upside of any OL the Chiefs have. Young, strong, durable, big, fast, and smart.

    Bring up David Mims, groom him this season and next year we’ll have a ROCK at either LT or RT for years to come. David Mims is that good and time will prove it. Go Chiefs

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