Sunday’s Game Should Be Weis’ Last With Chiefs

On Monday, Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis will accept that same position at the University of Florida.

Todd Haley and Scott Pioli should tell Weis to book a one-way ticket to Gainesville.

The Chiefs are at the tail end of a special season that has developed in large part because they have avoided needless distractions.  Once they got past Dwayne Bowe’s “importing” story, the biggest issue was “point gate” with Haley and then-Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels…  until this.

It is no secret that Haley and Weis have butted head this season, which should come as no surprise considering they both own strong personalities.  But no matter what has gone on behind the scenes, there is no excuse for making this move now.

Did Weis think that Will Muschamp would get nervous that his name wasn’t yet on a contract and run to his second option?

There is no one that the new Florida head coach could hire that would bring the same sort of splash as Weis and the Chiefs offensive coordinator is smart enough to know that.  He’s also smart enough to know this is the one play that he can call without worrying about Haley overruling him.

This is not happening right now by accident.

That is exactly the reason why Sunday’s regular season finale against the Oakland Raiders should be Weis’ final game as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff.  Once he decided to let this happen a week before the Chiefs first playoff game in four years he gave up his right to be a part of the organization.

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