Lawrence Tynes Doesn’t Get To Play The Role Of Hero, But Wins Another Ring

Just two weeks after he kicked the game-winning field goal for the New York Giants over the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, the stage was set for former Kansas City Chiefs kicker Lawrence Tynes to be the hero again.

With time winding down and the Giants were ready to run out the clock near the goal line and let Tynes kick a game-winning field goal as time expired. But then the Patriots opened up a gaping hole to allow RB Ahmad Bradshaw to score, a hole so big the running back was too shocked to even properly kneel at the one. As he fell into the end zone and the Giants went for two, Tynes’ role in the final minute changed dramatically.

“I thought Ahmad was gonna take the knee,” Tynes said after the game. “That would have been pretty sweet if he kneed it … It was like he wanted to and then he just fell forward.”

The former Chief said he was prepared to kick a potential game-winner for the Giants like it was no big deal.

“I’m just sticking to my routine and you know what, it was at the end of the game, I was approaching it just like I was the two kicks in the third quarter.”

It still amazes me how far Tynes has come since his time with the Chiefs. If you’ll remember, his only chance in the playoffs with Kansas City was a choke job against the Indianapolis Colts in 2007. With the team down 6-0 early, Tynes banged a 27-yarder off the upright and Kansas City went on to lose 23-8.

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