Surprise: Al Davis Acted Like Al Davis This Year

For any other owner this may come as surprising, but according to ESPN, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis fined former coach Tom Cable $120,000 throughout last season.  Cable, in return, filed a grievance with the league.

The ouster of Cable drew criticism from the Raiders’ players, including punter Shane Lechler.

But what few players in the locker room realized was that, as Oakland was registering its best season since its AFC championship in 2002, the Raiders owner and head coach were barely communicating — other than through legal channels.

Davis was said to be upset with Cable over the fact that Oakland lost two days of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) in June 2010, among other things.  The Raiders also lost a week of their offseason program in 2007 because of the intensity of practices under then-coach Lane Kiffin, whom Davis also battled.

Kiffin filed a grievance against the Raiders after he was fired when he felt that Davis owed him money, but the arbitrator ruled in Oakland’s favor.  Davis has a history of financial disputes with his head coaches dating back to Mike Shanahan.  The NFL has had to help settle financial disputes with four of Davis’ last five head coaches, according to a source.

Is there even much to say about Davis at this point?

It’s shocking that anyone would want to coach this team.  I understand it’s hard to turn down the ultimate promotion down in your profession, but look at how you will be treated.  Just because you’re a ship captain doesn’t mean you want to take the job on the Titanic if you know it’s going to sink.

The latest name being thrown around in Oakland is former Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders for the same gig with the Raiders.  Run, Al.  Run far, far away.  You’re too good of a talent to waste your time working under this nut job Al Davis.

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