T-Rich Gets His First Playoff Win

He reached the playoffs during his first year in the NFL back in 1995, but it wasn’t until yesterday that he finally notched a victory.  No matter the wait, former Chiefs FB Tony Richardson is happy to be celebrating a playoff win for the first time in his 15-season career, especially with the ribbing he has had to take from his teammates.

“Tony is old as heck,” tight end Dustin Keller said. “We tease him that he played for Buddy Ryan.”

Keller was referring to the defensive mastermind and father of the Jets’ current coach, Rex Ryan, who retired about the time Richardson made his official entrance into the league in 1995 after spending a year on Dallas’s practice squad.  Richardson has grown used to the old-man jokes, to mentoring teammates who, like Keller, were 11 years old when his career started.

Richardson admitted there were times he wondered if he would ever win a playoff game.  He had blocked for so many elite running backs, everyone from Priest Holmes to Adrian Peterson.

With the Jets, Richardson found the perfect place to continue his career.  He had instant chemistry with running back Thomas Jones, who often calls Richardson the best fullback in the N.F.L.  And he found the perfect system when the Jets switched to more of a zone-blocking scheme, and Richardson continued to open holes.

Richardson said he wanted to play one more season.  For now, though, he will take his first playoff victory.

Asked how he would celebrate a moment some 15 years in the making, Richardson smiled that youthful smile and said, “Get ready for the next one.”

Could that Jets-Bengals game have gone any better?

Not only was Larry Johnson inactive for Cincinnati, but Tony Richardson was right in the middle of a bruising ground attack for New York.

I can’t think of any former Chief more deserving of a playoff victory than Richardson or one less deserving than LJ.

Congrats, T-Rich!  Now go and take care of business in San Diego.

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