Former Chief Tamarick Vanover Charged With Beating His Pregnant Girlfriend

Former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tamarick Vanover was in court this week on charges he beat his girlfriend, who is nearly nine months pregnant, according to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Vonover was released on $2,500 bail and officially faces charges of domestic aggravated battery on a pregnant woman.  He denied the charges, saying the alleged victim fell down when he put his arms up to defend himself as she hit.

The police report accuses the 37-year-old of punching the woman seven times and threatening to kill her.  The victim claims she and Vanover have a history of violence in their relationship and the paper reports the former Chief pleaded no contest to a battery charge in 1993.

The only thing that could be more troubling than these disgusting allegations is that he was given such a small amount for bail.  Not only would I keep anyone arrested for domestic violence locked up for at least a week before being able to post bail, I would make sure the amount for bail was at least six figures.  Especially when you are dealing with someone with so many run ins with the law.

If you’ll remember, Vanover’s career with the Chiefs — and nearly in the NFL — came to an end due to off-the-field trouble. He served two months in prison for financing a stolen-car ring and a marijuana distribution operation.

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