Tamba Hali And The Media Blackout

Any public comments from Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali have been rare the last two seasons.  He went into a self imposed media blackout as he focused on football, something that clearly worked for him as he led the AFC with 14.5 sacks.

Now that he has followed up the best season of his career with a fat $60 million contract, he’d no doubt want to sit down and talk with the press… right?

Not so much, as the Star’s Sam Mellinger found out at Chiefs training camp on Monday.  After practice he tried to get a few words with the linebacker and here is the entire back-and-forth (if you can call it that):

Me: “Tamba, you got a second?”

Hali: “How you guys doing?”

Clearly Hali still has no interest in speaking with the media and it begs the question: does it matter?

We’d all love to hear from Chiefs players as much as possible, especially arguably the best player on the team.  All you have to do is look at the excitement that briefly bounced around Twitter when a profile claiming to belong to Hali started making the rounds.  While it ultimately was shown to be a fake, Chiefs fans showed they want to hear from Hali.

Non of this, however, means we should be up in arms because he wants to keep his thoughts to himself.  In a world where sports stars are constantly screaming and yelling for attention off the field, it’s a welcome change to see someone as good as Hali keeping to himself and just going about his business.

To me it’s much more important that he spends time with fans at training camp, signing autographs and taking pictures, something even Mellinger has conceded Hali is doing as much as time allows.

Very simply, Hali should talk when and if he wants to, not when the people that cover the team or the fans decide he should.

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