Tamba Hali Could Spend More Time In Coverage

The Kansas City Chiefs defense has been buzzing since kicking off OTAs. A defense that was one of the worst in the NFL last season at getting to the quarterback is now poised to attack from every possible angle.TambaHaliChiefs

Certainly any plan to increase the Chiefs pressure in the backfield would include Tamba Hali, right? Not so much, according to the linebacker.

Because defensive coordinator Bob Sutton will be giving pretty much every player on defense a shot at the quarterback, that could lead to Hali getting fewer chances to pin his ears back. Instead, he would be asked to drop into coverage more than in the past.

It’s only May, but that’s a plan the pass-rusher is ready to carry out.

“I’ve got to be a team player and do what I love doing, yet do what they ask me to do,” Hali told reporters Wednesday. “If that’s to drop in coverage, I’ve got to continue to do that, too, and be an all-around outside linebacker.”

Again, these are the sort of things that sound great when everyone is in first place and getting used to a new coaching staff. If the Chiefs defense is shutout in their pursuit of the quarterback early in the season, will Hali be so happy about chasing running backs and tight ends around?

I’d rather not even get to that point and would continue sending Hali after the quarterback at every opportunity. I think he’s wasted in coverage, but we’ll have to wait and see just how Sutton puts his plan into motion.

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