Promising News On Hali, Waiting On Houston

When the Kansas City Chiefs lost LB Tamba Hali early in Sunday’s loss to the San Diego Chargers, it looked like the team could be looking at a long term injury. Not only could he not put any weight on his leg, but the way he landed had awful thoughts of a torn Achilles bouncing through my head.

Now that Hali has had a day to rest (and get an MRI), it looks like the Chiefs have avoided a major disaster.

Head coach Andy Reid met the media and delivered the good news.

“Tamba Hali has an ankle sprain, did have an MRI on it and that’s what it is, a slight ankle sprain. He’ll continue to work this week. He was moving around a little better today than he was after the game yesterday.”

Reid wasn’t ready to declare the linebacker ready to practice this week, but all things considered the team is comfortable they will have him sooner rather than later.

“I think both he and the doctors and coaches all felt better after his MRI.”

The news wasn’t quite as positive with Hali’s running mate, Justin Houston, despite not looking nearly as bad when he left the game. Houston subluxed his elbow, but the team wasn’t able to send him for an MRI as scheduled.

“He has quite a bit of swelling there and they weren’t able to get him into the position that they wanted to, to do the MRI,” Reid told reporters. “We’ll wait a day or so to get the swelling down and then go from there.”

Obviously it’s too early for anyone to know if either player will be able to play this Sunday against the Denver Broncos. But if you had to make an educated guess, Hali seems to be the much more likely candidate, especially if the Chiefs medical team won’t even be able to look at an MRI for Houston until Wednesday.

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