Tamba Hali Takes On Mentoring Role At PSU

After spending a year very rarely speaking with the media, Chiefs LB Tamba Hali spoke with local reporters on a trip to State College.  Hali said he’s been working with current Penn State players to help them be prepare for playing at the next level.

“In college, I think you’re a freak athlete,” he said.  “You’re just raw.  You got to the pros, it’s a little different.  Now you’ve got to be more contained.  You can’t just do whatever you want to do.”

Hali said he used to talk to former Penn State and current Buffalo Bills defensive end Aaron Maybin every week before their respective games.  He also talks to current Lions end Jack Crawford, among others.

“We’re always talking and guys always want to learn,” Hali said.  “It’s always like the little things I talk to them about.  The film thing is huge.  And getting in your playbook, that’s huge.  The more I talk to them the more they listen.”

It’s a shame that Hali spend all of last year in a self imposed media blackout, because when he does talk he gives a great look into just how he got to be where he is today.

There are players that will coast on one good year, but Hali seems like a guy that will keep his head in the film room and his playbook for as long as he is playing the game.  It’s that attitude that has kept his teammate, Mike Vrabel, playing at such a high level for so many years.

Hopefully now that his first year playing under Todd Haley is in the books, Hali will make himself available to the Kansas City media more often.

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