Tampa Bay, Kansas City OC Woes Linked

If people were surprised that Todd Haley fired Chan Gailey — a man he didn’t bring into the organization — before the final preseason game, imagine their shock when earlier today Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Raheem Morris fired his offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.  Adam Shefter reports the two firings are linked.

During the offseason, Tampa Bay wanted to hire Chan Gailey as its offensive coordinator, but the Chiefs denied the Buccaneers the chance to interview him.

Also, the Chiefs requested permission to interview Buccaneers quarterbacks coach Greg Olson, but Tampa Bay denied permission.

Had Kansas City relented on that permission, it’s possible — maybe even likely — that Gailey would be the Buccaneers’ offensive coordinator today and Olson would be the Chiefs’.  Instead, Olson was promoted Thursday to offensive coordinator to replace Jeff Jagodzinski, whom Tampa had dismissed earlier in the day.

Oddly enough, when Olsen was the OC in St. Louis, the Rams coach at the time — Scott Linehan — initially did not let Olsen call the offensive plays.  So the guy that Todd Haley initially wanted for the job was a coordinator that was comfortable holding the position without the power to call the plays.  I’m guessing Gailey was unwilling to serve in that capacity and that’s why they were forced to part ways.

Something else to keep an eye on…  The reason Olsen eventually was handed the play calling duties was so Linehan could manage games better without having to focus on one side of the ball.  It is not easy for first time head coaches to do it all, so Haley has created quite the hill for himself to climb.

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