Tebow Skips Workouts, Pioli Unimpressed

It’s a surprise to no one that Tim Tebow was a popular topic of discussion as the Scouting Combine.  What was a surprise, however, was that the Florida quarterback would not be participating in any physical drills.  While GMs were reluctant to criticize the decision, Scott Pioli was pretty clear about how he felt.

“I like to see guys who want to compete.”

Does a decision to skip workouts at the combine ever factor in to the way a player gets evaluated?

“For me, it does,” Pioli said.  “I think for other teams, it doesn’t.  But for me, it does.  I understand the reasons that some of the agents and some of the players feel that players shouldn’t compete here, but to me, if you’re a competitor, if you’re good, then you’re going to be good.”

I wish we could see every player go through each drill this week, but that’s just not realistic anymore.  Kids have too much to lose from a bad day so instead we get these completely controlled environments on their home turf.

It is interesting to hear anyone rip Tebow for the decision though after he put himself out there during the Senior Bowl.  He’s working on re-tooling his mechanics and wants to do everything at his pro day instead of spreading things out over a few weeks time.

The chances of the Chiefs drafting any quarterback (“We have a quarterback.”) in April are not good, but if they do it doesn’t look like Tebow will be the guy… No matter how many of us (it’s a small number) think Kansas City could/should be a destination for the Florida quarterback.

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