Tebow Sticking To Quarterback

Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels made it clear in his post-draft press conference that Tim Tebow will only see the field this year (and in the future) as a quarterback.

“He’s a quarterback,” McDaniels said Saturday afternoon after wrapping up his second draft as Denver’s coach.  “He’s a quarterback.  That’s all he’s going to do.”

McDaniels and Tebow will begin the process of making the Gators legend an NFL-quality quarterback next week in a rookie-only minicamp.

“Like everybody, he will be competing for a job,” McDaniels said. “I don’t care if a guy is a rookie.  If he’s earned the job, he’ll play.  That goes for any position.  But I’ll say this, he has a long way to go to get there.  But he is starting the process.”

McDaniels said Tebow could potentially play in “wildcat” packages as a rookie if he isn’t playing otherwise.  But he made it clear that Tebow’s primary goal is to become a starting quarterback, no gimmicks attached.

“He’s a quarterback,” said McDaniels for a third time in a five-minute conversation.

This whole Tebow-to-Denver situation has made me sick from the beginning.  I have been an ardent supporter of Tebow and fully believe he has the ability to be a quarterback at the next level.  Now I have to hope that I’m (as I tend to be) terribly wrong.  It’s certainly a bizarre feeling to switch so quickly from rooting for a player to hoping he and his team fails miserably.

I actually think that McDaniels is right to focus solely on helping Tebow make the transition to NFL quarterback.  But how can he say all Tebow will be is a quarterback and then say he’ll see the field in the wildcat.  Again, I’m part of the minority that doesn’t see it as a “gimmick” but the person taking the snap certainly isn’t a just a quarterback.

Why should he have to make any sort of statements about his plans for his first round pick?  When you make a declaration like this all you are doing is painting yourself in a corner.  What if halfway through the season there is an opening to use Tebow in at another position sporadically?  With many many fans and members of the media just waiting to be able to label Tebow a bust, any sign of the former Florida Gator lining up anywhere but behind center will give them all the ammo they need to feel vindicated.

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