Teicher Throws Cold Water On Kansas City

It’s tough to bring Kansas City sports fans down from their high this morning.  After all, the Chiefs are 3-0 with a two game lead in the AFC West.  That isn’t stopping Adam Teicher over at the Kansas City Star from trying to throw cold water on the party.

I’m going to hold off on declaring the Chiefs to be a legitimate playoff contender.  The passing game still needs some work.  While the Chiefs were able to make some big gains, most were of the catch and run variety and their biggest play came off a gimmick.

The Chiefs are obviously for real on special teams and are rapidly getting there on defense, though the 49ers seemed to think the Chiefs knew what play was coming because their formations and the plays they ran out of them were so predictable.

The signs for the Chiefs are encouraging.  But to say they’re in this for the long haul, let’s wait after their next game in Indianapolis before we make that call.

That last line is what any pessimist is going to feed you.  Frankly, it seems like something you’d be more likely to hear out of Jason Whitlock, not Teicher.

Three wins, including the latest being a dominant performance in all phases of the game?  Big deal.  Lets only count the upcoming game against the defending AFC Champions and their Hall of Fame quarterback.

Listen, I like to think of myself as a realist.  I know the Chiefs offense still needs to be more consistent when it comes to the passing game.  I’m not ready to anoint Kansas City Super Bowl-ready.  But to say that they aren’t playoff contenders?  Describing the AFC West as down could be the understatement of the year, which to me makes the Chiefs two game lead worth a 4 game lead in a stronger division.

To say we need to see what happens in Indianapolis to know if this team is worthy of being considered a possible playoff team just doesn’t make sense.

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