The Battle To Backup Charles-Jones

The Kansas City Chiefs don’t have nearly as many open starting positions as last season, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a lot of competition for jobs between now and the close of training camp.  Josh Looney took a look at the very crowded Chiefs backfield behind starters Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

Scenario #1 – The Chiefs decide keep their third back as a traditional runner.  This would bring the focus towards (Kolby) Smith, Javarris Williams, Jackie Battle and Kestahn Moore.

Scenario #2 – The Chiefs opt to have a “slash” serve as the third running back, in addition to another offensive role.  This would bring the focus towards OW (offensive weapon) Dexter McCluster and RB/FB Tim Castille.  Battle could possibly also fit this category if he were to continue lining up at fullback in certain package and the same can be said for rookie free agent Tervaris Johnson.

A win/win for the Chiefs at the position that should be their deepest during the season.

If they decide to go the more traditional route, I’d love to see Moore be the guy.  Depending on where Todd Haley has Moore go with his weight, he could have the ability to serve as a both a fullback and tailback.  We’ve seen a lot of Smith and Battle on the practice field for the Chiefs and Williams will have a shot due to being a draft pick last season but was unable to show much in the few chances he has had.

Going with the second option would save a roster spot, allowing Scott Pioli and Haley to carry a luxury player along the lines of a kickoff specialist or developmental lineman that they don’t feel would get through waivers to the practice squad.

No matter which was they go, the Chiefs should be dealing from a position of strength all season long after struggling with a lack of depth throughout 2009.

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