The Curious Case Of Walkthrough v. Practice

On Tuesday, Chiefs coach Todd Haley announced that Wednesday morning’s practice would be moved indoors, run as a walkthrough and be closed to fans and media.  This brought up more than a few questions from the press in daily Q&A, most prominently Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star.

In a walkthrough, players generally wear little or no protective equipment and run through plays at a pace far less than full speed.  NFL policy says NFL teams must open a regular training camp practice in its entirety to the local media covering the team.

Rookie safety Kendrick Lewis had said the workout was a regular practice.

”It was a walkthrough,” Haley said.  ”Whatever anybody chooses to believe, that’s everybody’s prerogative.

”There (were) no helmets involved.  There were not even (light pads).  They wore their jerseys, t-shirts and I think most of them tennis shoes.”

When Haley was asked to provide Teicher a tape, his answer might have come as a surprise.

“I’d be happy to let you watch the hour and 20 minutes of walkthrough that is on tape.”

As Teicher reported tonight, the coach followed through on that offer and wasn’t lying to the local media.

The Chiefs showed me video of a workout they said was the one from Wednesday morning and it was indeed a walkthrough.  Players, as Haley said, wore no helmets or other protective equipment.

Teicher will be on 610 tomorrow morning with Bob Fescoe to talk about “Walkthrough-gate”.

And with all of that, hopefully this silly back and forth between Haley and the local media can be put to bed.  I completely understand being upset with the last second “banning”, but the degree that this story lived over three days was amazing to me.  Honestly, I’m surprised that it didn’t bring Jason Whitlock out of hiding.

I guess the only thing to wait for now is the conspiracy theorists claiming the tape was old footage and that they can see smoke coming from the grassy knoll.  Or just that it’s old footage.

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