The Most Famous Play In Chiefs History

With Len Dawson presenting the Lombardi Trophy after tonight’s Super Bowl, the focus will once again be on the Chiefs championship 40 years ago.  The Kansas City Star’s Randy Covitz breaks down the most famous play in Chiefs history: 65 Toss Power Trap.

The Chiefs led 9-0 midway through in the third quarter on the strength of three Stenerud field goals and an overpowering defense when they faced third and-goal at the Minnesota 5.  Though a pass appeared in order, Stram sent wide receiver Gloster Richardson into the game with a running play.

“Gloster, tell (Dawson) 65 Toss Power Trap,” Stram said.  “It might pop right open.”

Dawson normally called his own plays and, like all his teammates, was unaware Stram was miked.  He was surprised at the coach’s selection.

“We hadn’t even practiced it,” Dawson said of the play, an inside run to the left by Mike Garrett.  “It wasn’t even in the game plan.”

Dawson took the snap and spun toward fullback Robert Holmes, who appeared to be running wide left.  Left tackle Jim Tyrer pulled left, convincing Minnesota end Jim Marshall that was the direction of the play.  Right guard Mo Moorman pulled to the left, trapping tackle Alan Page and clearing the path for Garrett.

Garrett bolted through the line of scrimmage, waited for tight end Fred Arbanas to wipe out middle linebacker Lonnie Warwick and pranced to the goal line.

“I told you that baby was there!” Stram chortled on the sideline.  “65 Toss Power Trap. … The coach pumped one in there.”

A depiction of that play will be carved in stone in the sidewalk in front of the Founder’s Plaza at the refurbished Arrowhead Stadium, where fans will follow Garrett’s footsteps to the end zone, where he jumped into the arms of wide receiver Otis Taylor.

It never gets old watching those clips from that Super Bowl.  It’ll be great having Dawson as part of the post-game celebration so that the whole country will hopefully be reminded just how important the Chiefs were to the history of the NFL.

After the jump you can check out a quick highlight reel from Super Bowl IV.

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