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If subtle moves in the depth chart make news in May, then it’s safe to say putting in a new offensive look would cause people to take notice.  That’s what happened when their offense came out during Monday’s practice running Wildcat plays.  Bob Gretz looks at the likelihood of Kansas City staying wild.

For the most part, the calls had rookie RB/WR Dexter McCluster taking direct snaps from center.  He threw a couple of passes, ran what looked like the veer-option, handed off on an end-around run by a wide receiver and several times took the snap and took off running.

OK, so we should assume that the Chiefs will be one of those teams throwing Wildcat-type plays into every game plan, right?


When asked by the media about the Wildcat plays being run in Monday’s session, head coach Todd Haley said: “We might have to take the cameras away now that we’re telling secrets.  Some of it’s bluffs, some of it’s not.”

Haley went on to give a plausible coach-speak explanation of why the coaching staff was looking at the Wildcat during the practice:

“This is the time of year to kind of check out what each guys’ skills are.  We have a number of guys on the team that have been involved in that type of offense before, so again, this is the time of year you check some of that out and see who can do what and see who is comfortable doing what and go from there.”

So where will the Chiefs go from here with the Wildcat?  Is it bluff, or not?

Click over to read why Gretz feels it’s a bluff on Kansas City’s part.

Me, I believe we will see a Wildcat package throughout the early part of the season.  Obviously it’s success will determine how much the Chiefs end up using it, but there’s no doubt in my mind there will be players other than Matt Cassel taking snaps.

I’ll take it to another level, I think we’ll see at least 3 different players in the Wildcat.  McCluster, Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones could all be featured in packages as to add what anti-Wildcat folks (including Mr. Gretz) claim the plays don’t deliver anymore: surprise.

When a team comes out with a specific Wildcat package, it takes away a level of surprise.  The wrinkle works best when you shift into it and with any of the three players mentioned above can call for the plays in the Wildcat at any point without changing personnel.

There is no doubt in my mind that this offense can survive in the NFL with the proper talent and the Chiefs look like they are awfully close to having the right players.

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