Thigpen Traded To Dolphins

The Kansas City Chiefs have traded quarterback Tyler Thigpen to the Miami Golphins for an undisclosed draft pick.TylerThigpenRunning

Though the pick is undisclosed, there were rumors in training camp about the Chiefs receiving an offer of from the Jacksonville Jaguars of a 5th round selection for Thigpen.  Kansas City was said to be asking for a 3rd rounder.

The Dolphins are in need of a quarterback after losing their starter, Chad Pennington, to a season ending shoulder injury this past Sunday.  Chad Henne and Pat White are other quarterbacks on Miami’s roster.

This is also the second trade Scott Pioli has made with Bill Parcells, his father-in-law, in the past month.  Previously Pioli acquired Andy Alleman and Ike Ndukwe for an undisclosed pick.

This is a great deal for both teams.

The Chiefs get to unload a quarterback that has no role or future with the franchise and get value in return.  If they were in fact offered a 5th round choice by the Jaguars and countered with a 3rd, lets cut the difference and say they get a 4th.  Not bad for a guy that was never seeing the field with Todd Haley in charge.

Meanwhile, the Dolphins get a player that has had success — at least statistically — as a starter in the NFL.  Chad Henne looked absolutely terrible when he replaced Pennington.  White is very similar to Thigpen in that they both use their legs to make plays, but he has a long way to go before he can run a team.  Don’t be surprised if Thigpen starts for the Dolphins after getting acclimated to the offense.

I’m bummed because I really like Thigpen.  I know I’m part of the minority, but I believe he can be a successful starting quarterback.  At the same time, it was clear he had to move on and I think he’s landing in the perfect place.

Best of luck, Tyler!

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