This Time Around Clark Hunt Got It Right

Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs broke their streak of nearly 20 years of blackout-free football when Arrowhead Stadium was not sold out for the final home game of the year, December 20th against the Cleveland Browns.

Even though the long streak was on the line and the Chiefs were wrapping up a four-win campaign during tough economic times, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt passed on the opportunity to buy the extra tickets needed to show the game on local TV.  Instead of playing Santa Claus to the people of Kansas City, Hunt decided instead to hold onto the extra cash.

The Chiefs are in first place and in position to make the playoffs, but for a while this week it looked like the team might be in position for a repeat due to lagging ticket sales.

Considering Hunt just wrote an $8 million check to Jamaal Charles, it seemed like a good possibility that he would once again be playing the Grinch That Stole Chiefsmas.  But this time around, the Chiefs owner got it right in a big way.

With the deadline to declare the game a sell out approaching on Thursday and the Chiefs still needing to sell more tickets, Hunt stepped up to the plate with a huge Christmas gift for the people of Kansas City.

Sure, it would be nice to see the stadium legitimately sell out early in the week for a team that is facing must-win games every week as they march towards the playoffs.  Hopefully the Chiefs will continue their winning ways and this won’t be a problem going forward, but the reality is that right now ticket sales are an issue.

The players — and the people now able to watch the game at home — will be able to see those empty yellow seats.  That isn’t going to change unless the Chiefs find themselves hosting a playoff game in a few weeks.

Clark Hunt and his support staff realized that this team needs the idea of a sell out almost as much as they actually need the stadium full.  Can you imagine how deflating it would be for the Chiefs and the city to be blacked out Sunday as they attempt to clinch a spot in the playoffs and opening round game at Arrowhead?  Thankfully you don’t have to imagine that scenario anymore.

Have a Merry Christmas, Chiefs fans…  Courtesy of Clark Hunt.

Want to buy tickets to the game?  They are still available here.

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