Thomas Jones, Chris Chambers See A Hungry Team

Other than still-unsigned RFA Jarrad Page, the Kansas City Chiefs had 100% participation for their first voluntary workout of the season.  There were plenty of surprised people around Kansas City, but don’t count Thomas Jones and Chris Chambers among them.

“This is a hungry team.  There’s a lot of guys on this team that want to be great players.  They’ve shown that so far,” said Jones, signed in March after the New York Jets released him.  “You come here because you want to be around the team, and you want to work together with your teammates.  It says a lot about what you’re trying to do and a lot about the direction that the team is going in.”

Chiefs coach Todd Haley wouldn’t say whether he expected Page to sign his tender in time to attend offseason practices, issuing a familiar reminder Monday that he only discusses players who participated in the day’s session.

Wide receiver Chris Chambers, who re-signed with the Chiefs this offseason, said that players should consider all workouts to be mandatory — particularly after last season, when the Chiefs put together their third consecutive losing season.

“You have to be here.  I think the guys want to be here,” Chambers said.  “You don’t want to be an outcast and be on the outside.

“It’s that sense of urgency.  Guys want to win games.”

These are the words you expect from rookies trying to make a good impression, so I do think it means more to come from two established veterans like Chambers and Jones.

As for the turnout, it’s what a lot of us wanted to see last year, but it makes some sense that the team needed a season to see if they wanted to buy what Haley and Scott Pioli were selling.  Clearly sales are high with everyone except Page in attendance.

Speaking of Page, it has to be a matter of time before he finds a new home.  If he’s hoping to be released, you know the Chiefs are going to stand their ground until they absolutely need to cut bait.  Unless they have specifically told him to stay home, the best thing Page could do is show up for work like every other player on the roster and try to reclaim the starting spot he lost last season.

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