Thomas Jones Is Here To Win

Chiefs running back Thomas Jones met with the Kansas City media for the first time since signing as an unrestricted free agent from the New York Jets.  He talked about why he decided to sign with the Chiefs and what his role might be playing next to Jamaal Charles.

“I signed here to help the team win,” Jones said.  “If I get five carries, then I get five carries.  If I get 25 carries, then I get 25 carries.  All I can do at this point is to prepare for the season like I always have.  Let the chips fall where they may.  That’s how I’ve looked at my career.”

“Going through a 16 game season, you need two or three running backs.  It’s a physical game, we take a pounding.  If you have good change of pace guys, guys that have different running styles.  It makes it harder for the defense to adjust.”

Press conferences don’t win games, but Jones was very, very impressive today.

He said all of the right things and unlike a certain former Chiefs/current Redskins running back, none of it sounded fake or forced.  When he talked about the chemistry that the Jets had last year and the possibility of those same things happening this year in Kansas City, I believed every word.

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