Thomas Jones Not Worried About Slow Start

Through two preseason games, Jamaal Charles is the Kansas City Chiefs leading rusher and receiver, looking better than Thomas Jones.  But as Jones told The Star’s Adam Teicher, it isn’t a situation that worries the veteran.

“I’m not looking at it like, ‘I haven’t broken a big run,’ ” he said.  “I’m out here just trying to get better every day and help my teammates get better every day.  The first couple of games have been great to get out there with my new teammates and the coaching staff.  It’s been a good transition for me.  I think I’m bonding well with the guys on the team, and I’m understanding the offense and what they want me to do.

“We’re not playing four quarters.  We’re going out there and trying to execute the plays that are called and get the timing down on a lot of different plays and build the chemistry.  That’s something that’s very important for me to do, being on a new team.

“I don’t get into the little intangible things, what this guy brings or that guy brings.  For me, all I can do is focus on being the best player I can be and the best leader I can be.”

We can all talk about chemistry and getting warmed up for the regular season, but if Charles continues to average twice as many yards per carry than Jones there might be rioting in Kansas City if the two still split time close to 50-50.

Todd Haley can say all he wants that both guys can make all the runs, but everyone knows Charles is the home run hitter.  To get as far away from 4 wins as possible, the Chiefs need to correct the “Big Play Problem” on both sides of the ball.  Having a competent safety in Eric Berry should help cut the number on defense and as we saw last season, Charles will be the one delivering them for the offense.

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