Tebow Makes History, Keeps AFC West Wide Open

The year of an insane AFC West continued on Thursday night as the Denver Broncos defeated the New York Jets 17-13 in front of a national TV audience.  While it’s not so shocking to see the Broncos improving defense beat a Mark Sanchez lead offense, but rather that it was capped off by a 95-yard Tim Tebow-led touchdown drive.

And as has been the case in his short time as a starter, Tebow had to add an exclamation point.  Tebow’s 20-yard touchdown run was the longest game-winning TD run by a quarterback in the final minutes of the fourth quarter in NFL history, according to Elias.  Both Michael Vick and Vince Young both had longer game-winning TD runs, but those were both in overtime.

At this point, even the biggest Tebow hater has to acknowledge that the Broncos QB certainly has a flare for the dramatic.  In eight career starts, Tebow has already led three fourth quarter comebacks.  That is absolutely mind boggling.

The stage continues to be set for a wild finish to the AFC West.  The biggest hurdle is the Kansas City Chiefs taking out the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, but we could be staring at a four-way tie at the top of the division when Tuesday rolls around.  Besides the Chiefs winning, the Chargers winning in Chicago and the Raiders losing to the Vikings would put every team in the division at 5-5 with six games to go, including two within the division for each club.

Earlier this week the league sent out a release that since 1990 only 15 teams have made the playoffs after owning a losing record through nine games.  If the Chiefs, Chargers or Broncos win the AFC West, that number will be 16.

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