Chiefs D Should Prepare For Plenty Of Option

It’s safe to say that whenever you face Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, you get anything but a classic drop back passer.  While it’s easy for media and fans alike to poke fun at Tebow’s mechanics, there’s no denying he presents a unique challenge for a defense.

Unlike most running quarterbacks, who only occasionally would run a full-on option offense, Tebow and the Broncos used it to score 31 points and rack up nearly 300 yards rushing.  For now, anyway, the Broncos are happy to stick with an offense you rarely see at this level.

“We’re trying to put guys in position where they can succeed,” Broncos coach John Fox said according to the Denver Post.  “It’s something he’s (Tebow) more comfortable with.  He has a lot of confidence in it.”

While Tebow picked up 118 yards rushing on 12 carries (9.8 average), it was running back Willis McGahee that really tore up the Raiders defense to the tune of 163 yards.

“Whatever it takes,” McGahee said.  “If that’s running the option, it’s running the option.  Eventually we’ll have to get our passing game up and we will, I think.”

I wouldn’t expect “eventually” to happen this week against the Chiefs.  The Tebow experiment is still in the early stages and so far the Denver offense has only shown signs of life when they let their quarterback improvise and that isn’t likely to change Sunday.

It’s easy to try and shadow Tebow and load up on the run, but when you are dealing with offensive sets that many of the Kansas City defensive players haven’t seen in a game since college, it’s often easier said than done.

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