Todd and Chrissy Haley Face Civil Lawsuit


Former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley hasn’t been fired by the Pittsburgh Steelers as their offensive coordinator following an 0-4 start. But that doesn’t mean things are breaking his way right now.

Haley and his wife Chrissy are facing a civil lawsuit by a home builder after allegedly backing out of a million-dollar home deal and trashing it in the process, according to WPXI (via PFT).

The house in question is a mansion in Upper St. Clair, PA and the couple had agreed to rent it while they waited for their home in Kansas to sell. However, the suit claims the Mission Hills house sold in March, but the Haley’s never disclosed that to the builder.

The former Chiefs coach and his family was evicted in August and that’s when the builder says he discovered the house was “unmarketable for sale”.

Among the items taken were fixtures, appliances along with plants, shrubs and landscaping. An attorney for the Haley’s told the TV station there was nothing wrong with what they took from the home.

“The items removed from the house were all appliances and improvements the Haleys had paid for and installed when the work was not done by the builder,” attorney James McLean said. “The removal was done by professional contractors. The builder has also refused to return a $62,000 deposit owed to the Haleys.”

“The Haleys dispute the claims alleged by Williamson and Jefferson Inc. as baseless, will vigorously defend themselves against the claims in the lawsuit and have asserted claims of their own against Williamson and Jefferson.”

The case will now head to mediation, where it could end in a settlement, similar to the last time the couple was involved in a civil case. If you’ll recall that’s when Chrissy said she found a dead rat in her McDonalds salad.


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