Todd Haley Applauded By Brandon Flowers’ Mom

You ever have that moment in high school when your parents embarrassed you by telling your teacher how much you liked their class even though they gave you hell every day?  That’s exactly what happened last week with Brandon Flowers and Todd Haley.

“I had Brandon Flowers’ mom come up to me and say after the Cleveland game, ‘Coach Haley, I want to say hello to you and I just want you to know how much you’ve meant to Brandon,'” Haley says.  “I said, ‘Mrs. Flowers, I appreciate that because sometimes I thing Brandon really doesn’t like me because I’m on him all the time.  I always text (Message) him and tell him (Jets cornerback) Darrelle Revis is so much better than you.’

“You want to be great, I’m always challenging him.”

Haley should definitely keep up with the “Revis is better than you” stuff, even if it is in jest.  Because as we saw this Summer with the Jets, things can get very dicey when you tell a player he is the best in the league.  Keep Flowers on his toes, hungry and holdout-free.  Check out my story from May about the Chiefs needing to monitor the Revis-Jets negotiations with Flowers in mind.

Great story from Haley who really offered a couple of other anecdotes that give a view into his personality off the field.  We’ll touch on another one a little later on.

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