Todd Haley Continues To Dodge Play-Calling Issue

No one knows when the Kansas City Chiefs coaches will even have the ability to call plays thanks to the owners locking out the players, but that doesn’t mean Todd Haley won’t be asked about it at every opportunity.  The latest was at the NFL meetings in New Orleans earlier this week and the head coach was still non-committal.

”I’ve seen it go a lot of different ways,” Haley said.  ”If you make that decision too early, too fast, without enough thought, without enough evidence, then sometimes that can be more damaging than taking your time.  There’s no hurry on that decision.  It’s not like the play-caller can practice play-calling right now.

”We’ll continue to talk about it.”

Not much has changed on this front since the Chiefs finally decided to promote Bill Muir to offensive coordinator to fill the opening created when Charlie Weis left for the University of Florida and we shouldn’t expect it to until well into training camp, whenever that may be.

In the end, does anyone really believe that anyone other than Haley will call the plays next season?  That’s not to say Muir isn’t going to have input into the game plan — he is the coordinator, after all — but on Sundays it will be the head coach making the final decisions.

Considering it was Haley’s orchestrating of the Arizona Cardinals offense in their run to the Super Bowl, there’s no better option on staff to call the plays.

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