Todd Haley Excited About 2010 Draft Class

It is a common refrain around NFL teams this time of year: “It’s early”.  But that never stops optimism from flowing all around and the Chiefs are no different.  Todd Haley told Bill Williamson that he is excited about how things are going in Kansas City to this point and a big reason is the most recent draft class.

“It’s just June, but I feel very comfortable this year because of several different reasons,” Haley said in a recent telephone interview.  “It’s been good … We still have a long, dark tunnel to get through but things are going well.  Again, it’s only June, but I’m pleased about where things are at.”

Haley is thrilled with what he has seen from the rookies, but he still wants to see what they can do in training camp and in the preseason before defining expectations.

“We think this is a unique group,” Haley said.  “We haven’t been in pads and it’s just June, but everyone has a chance to contribute sooner than later as a whole [class].”

“It’s a humble group, but it’s a group that is not intimidated.  This whole thing doesn’t seem too big for this group.”

It’s hard not to get excited about this draft class even though they have been in the program for less than two months and are still without contracts.

It’s safe to assume that Haley’s vacation will be much smoother this year than last considering he won’t have to deal with non-stop conditioning/effort questions when he shows for training camp.  Haley — and his players — will make the trip to St. Joseph next month and focus on…. football!  It’s a much different approach but one that is welcomed by the fans, players and coaches alike.

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