Haley Is Molding Cassel To Be Like Brees, Not Brady

With Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel playing the best football of his career, there are no doubt going to be comparisons drawn to the man he once stood in for, Tom Brady.  However, Todd Haley told USA Today he has had a different MVP quarterback in mind when working with Cassel: Drew Brees.

“The easy thing is to look at Matt and say, ‘Well, let’s try and make him like Tom Brady.’

“But his foot speed and athleticism is so much better.  Drawing the parallel to Drew has been a huge key because of Matt’s foot speed.

“I’ve charted Drew.  He gets back faster and deeper than anybody in the league.”

Brees shredded Seattle’s blitz in a 34-19 win the week before Cassel followed suit.

“Drew pushes himself so far away from the line of scrimmage so quick that the pressure just can’t get to him,” Haley said.

“Matt did some real similar things.  The Seahawks brought some pressure.  He kept his cool and made real good decisions.”

“The sky’s the limit for Matt Cassel,” says former Patriots receiver and current New England Comcast SportsNet analyst Troy Brown.  “He always had the skills.  They just had to be sharpened.”

When John Lynch brought up Drew Brees on the broadcast a couple of weeks ago I thought he was crazy, but Haley has clearly put a lot of time into trying to get Cassel to look as much like the reigning Super Bowl MVP as possible.  I think we can all agree there are worse players to emulate than the NFL’s most prolific passer.

This season Brees is roughly 1,000 yards ahead of Cassel, though the Saints QB’s high game of 382 yards was 87 yards less than the 469 Cassel dropped on the Broncos.

By the way, if you thought we would be comparing Brees and Cassel in any way when the season began please raise your hand.

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