St. Louis Gave Lil Wayne Stitches, Kansas City Gave Him Todd Haley

When Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley attended Lil Wayne’s concert on Monday night, it became fodder for both local and national media.

For those in Kansas City, it was a funny back-and-forth about Haley’s musical tastes that include Barbara Streisand and Foo Fighters.  “I’m versatile,” Haley informed the team’s beat writers.

Then there was Mike Florio at PFT, who was appalled that any head coach would do something so silly as attend a concert when there is a football game to prepare for in just a couple weeks.  Oddly enough, Florio seemed to know that Haley was out having a great time “while the rest of his staff was grinding away” back at the Chiefs offices.

Because, as you all know, every NFL head coach should stay at the stadium 24 hours a day in order to make up for the time lost to the lockout.

More importantly, Lil Wayne was more than happy to see Haley and one of his players at the show.

KC was krrrazeeee!!! Props to Tech 9 and the KC Chiefs Coach Haley and # 24 B. Flowers for the luv! I had fun tonight…Afterparty!

Compare that to his trip to St. Louis, where he had to get nine stitches after a fall at a skate park and it’s more proof that Kansas City is the better city.

Though Lil Wayne might run into trouble next time he comes through town since he took a stance on KC BBQ on his way out of town.

If ya ever in KC, make it ur duty 2 get sum Jack Stack BBQ!! 2good!

Florio’s childish rant is nothing compared to the fireworks that we’ve all seen fly when discussing the best BBQ around town.

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