Todd Haley Refuses Comment On Spygate

After getting beat soundly by the Broncos, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley refused to shake hands with Denver’s Josh McDaniels, instead choosing to wag his finger and let him know there was a lot of “s—” being talked about him.  On Monday Haley had another refusal, this time he refused to comment on the Spygate scandal the Broncos are currently involved with.

“I’m completely out of it,” Haley said.  “I’m going to enjoy (Sunday’s win) for two more hours because that was a great win for us.  A great win.  Then we’re going to get back to business of getting ready to win our biggest game of the year … against a team that whipped our butts pretty good just two weeks ago.”

Haley might say that he is out of it, but if he thinks that will be the end of questioning about the troubles McDaniels is in I have a feeling we could see a very frustrated head coach this week.  It just seems a little too coincidental that a week after McDaniels is berated by one of his peers the league fines him $25,000 for cheating.

We all wondered if it was the Broncos running up the score or the dirty hit on TE Tony Moeaki that pushed Haley’s buttons and now it sure looks like word about Spygate II had already started to circulate.  If that wasn’t the reason for the post-game confrontation, Haley needs to say as much, even if he doesn’t go into detail about what did set him off.

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