Todd Haley Says He’s Not Likely To Become OC

The coaching carousel is starting to slow down around the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs are still without an offensive coordinator.  That has led many to believe that the position will be filled by head coach Todd Haley.  On Tuesday, Haley put that idea to bed when he told Sirius NFL Radio “the odds of that happening are very limited.”

“I’ve been doing a lot of work on that since the season ended and feel good about the direction we’re going.  I’m not ready to disclose any of that, but we’re at a different place than we were at in Year One when I had to make some tough changes coming out of training camp that really put us in a difficult spot.”

“We’re in Year Three.  The system is now in place for three years,” Haley said.  “It’s going to be an easier transition any way you cut it.  You’re talking about apples and oranges where we are as a staff and system.  We’ve got a great deal of the foundation laid now, so some of these things are a little easier to handle.”

The grumblings that Haley would take on the offensive coordinator job were starting to get a little louder and we should all feel better that it’s not likely to happen.  No matter if it’s year one or year three, Haley — or any head coach — is best served by having an offensive coordinator that he can lean on throughout the season no matter how involved he is with the offense.

With that being said, as we’ve talked about plenty over the last few weeks, just because Haley is planning on hiring a coordinator doesn’t mean he will be giving up play-calling duties.

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