Todd Haley Still Giving Back To The KC Community

Just because he’s no longer the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs doesn’t mean Todd Haley isn’t still going out of his way to offer help in the community.  Today KMBC has a great story about Haley and his wife Chrissy taking part in a project that provides a house to a family in need.

The Haleys got involved with the project a couple months ago, but they were at the house this week to put on the finishing touches, including decorating and assembling furniture.  Pretty cool, huh?

Todd told the station he wasn’t able to comment about his exit from the Chiefs, but his wife was emotional when she talked about how the family has dealt with the change.

“My main concern was the kids, that first day, and I went to their school and talked to the principals and called them into the office and talked to them,” she said.  “It was hard, but the kids have been hugely supportive and giving him hugs and the teachers are aware of the situation because kids can be mean and people can be mean in general.”

Even if you were leading the “Fire Todd Haley” bandwagon and didn’t like how he represented the team on the field, I think we can all agree he was the perfect fit for this franchise as far as off-the-field activities.  In the tradition of amazing community outreach the Kansas City Chiefs have always done, Haley has gone above and beyond to help others.  It’s great to see that hasn’t stopped just because he’s not a member of the Chiefs anymore.

You can watch the story here.

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