Todd Haley Talks About Cameron Sheffield’s Injury

For the second week in a row, the Kansas City Chiefs had a player carted off the field with a neck injury.  Last week it was CB Maurice Leggett and this time it is rookie LB Cameron Sheffield.  Following the team’s 20-17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, head coach Todd Haley briefly talked about his young linebacker.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with LB Cameron Sheffield.  It’s two of those situations in two weeks.  Just know all the guys and all of us are praying for him and his family and [we hope] that everything turns out in a good way.

“Right now I don’t have any information that I feel real comfortable giving, because there are a lot of people out there that are family and friends of Cameron’s and I don’t want to say something that ends up being wrong.  I just want to make sure that he and his family know that the Kansas City Chiefs are praying for him.”

What are the odds that a team loses two players to this sort of serious injury two weeks in a row?  It’s everyone’s worst nightmare and the Chiefs unfortunately have had to deal with it twice in such a short amount of time.

Last week, Leggett was slow getting up before going back to the ground and staying down.  With Sheffield, it was clear before the whistle was blown that there was a serious problem.  You could see that the rookie was out before he ever hit the ground as he collided with Eagles RB Mike Bell.  Scary, scary stuff.

Thoughts go out to Sheffield and his family.  Obviously we all hope that he will receive a prognosis as positive as Leggett, who is expected back on the field “sooner, rather than later“.

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